Special General Body Meeting held on 30th Sept 2016

The Special General Body Meeting of Vidarbha Cricket Association was held at Bilimoria Hall, VCA Complex to discuss , consider and approve the proposed new constitution of VCA as per the recommendations of Lodha Committee appointed by Supreme Court.

The Meeting was chaired by Mr. Prakash Dixit President VCA who has taken up the only agenda of the Special General Meeting for discussion.

As per the Article 5 of the amended constitution, the newly elected executive committee will nominate a representative of women cricketer, along with one former player and a nominee of the State Accountant General. The Nominees of players in male & female categories shall have a right to participate in all the discussions related to cricket and its administration, while the nominee from State Accountant General have a right to participate in all the financial matters related to Association.

Further the General Body shall nominate any member to represent the Association at all the meetings of the BCCI.

Further, the AGM shall be held on Saturday / Sunday on the 1st week of December instead of current practice of holding AGM on 1st Saturday / Sunday of August.

The criteria for an Office Bearer or the member of the managing committee / Executive committee or to the selection Committee will be as per the recommendations of the Lodha Committee. Those who have attained the age of 70 years or declared insolvent or  of unsound mind or holds any post in any other sports or athletic association or federation and also those who have completed nine years in office  for a cumulative period of 9 years  will be ineligible to hold any post in the association. Further a Minister or a government servant will be ineligible to hold any post in the Association.

The newly formed body will have one President, One Vice President (earlier two), one secretary, one joint secretary (earlier two), one treasurer, five Executive Members (earlier seven) and one member is to be elected from the Club (earlier five).

Further the Senior as well as the Junior selection committee shall have 3 members (earlier 6 members each) and the same will be applicable for Women Committee also (comprising of 3 members).

Further the House formally approved the Constitution before the voting process began to pass the proposed amendments to the Constitution. Some of the members have raised an issue as to why VCA is amending the constitution when neither the BCCI nor the other State Associations are amending their constitution. After detailed discussions on the issue it was unanimously decided that the recommendations now having been approved by the Supreme Court the same are binding on us and whether right or wrong, whether we agree or disagree we have to respect the decision of the Honorable Supreme Court and implement the recommendations. Further the House authorized the Executive Committee to do all such acts which are necessary to fulfill the purpose and intent of the Lodha Committee recommendations and to give effect to the order of Supreme Court dated.18.07.2016 on the subject matter.

Further the elections would be held on or before 15th November,2016 to elect the new body as per the timeline given by the Lodha Committee.

The voting process commenced immediately after the discussions were over. Total 730 votes were polled out of which 727 voted in favour of the proposed amendments whereas 3 members voted against the amendments. Therefore the proposed amendments to the Constitution of VCA were passed by a thumping majority.