Press Release – 2 : Police Bandobast

VCA will be hosting 2nd Paytm T20 MATCH between INDIA AND ENGLAND today at VCA JAMTHA STADIUM. The match will be played under the lights from 7 PM. The stadium which is considered to be the pride of Nagpur as well of Central India is recognized by ICC as well as BCCI for the overall facilities available for the spectators, Media as well as for players at the state of art stadium. VCA authorities as well as Police authorities have appealed to the people of Nagpur to retain this position, as the event has got an International importance. It is expected that the overseas players who will be our guests should be given proper treatment to keep our dignity intact.
VCA authorities have made arrangements for free parking around the stadium. Parking and placement of helmets will be at owner’s risk. All those carrying helmets should install locking facility for the same. Further VCA holds no responsibility to any loss or damage or theft of any of their belongings.
The entry for spectators will be from Wardha Road, while the exit route after the match will be from Hingna road as informed by Police authorities.

As per the directives of Police authorities spectators are further advised not to carry Pens, Selfie Sticks, eatables, Cameras, Laptop, Bag, Helmets, Water Bottle, Eatable food items, Inflammable items (Match box, lighter etc.), Sticks of any nature are strictly prohibited in the stadium. Further the spectators should not throw any missiles towards the ground or abuse our guest by their caste creed or race.
The Hon. President Mr Anand Jaiswal and Tournament Director Shri Adwait Manohar has appealed to the spectators to follow safety measures as advised by the Police authorities to make the event a great success.



Press Release -1

Vidarbha Cricket Association will be hosting the 2nd Paytm T20 Trophy Match between India and England at VCA Jamtha Stadium on Sunday the 29th January,2017. The match will commence from 7:00 pm. All the arrangements are in place to successfully stage this match.

Mr. Adwait Manohar is the Match Director.

Anand Tanksale & Keyur Kelkar are the Local Liaison Officer for India & England Teams respectively.

The Match Officials are as follows:

Match Referee : Andy Pycroft
Onfield Umpires : Anil Chaudhary & O.Nandan
TV Umpire : Nitin Menon
4th Umpire : Anil Dandekar

The Teams will arrive on 27th Jan’17 approximately at 13:00 hrs from Lucknow and will stay at Hotel Radisson Blu.

The ticket rates are as under:

1. East Ground – Rs.500/-
2. East 1st Floor – Rs.400/-
3. West Ground – Rs.500/-
4. West 1st Floor – Rs.400/-
5. North Ground – Rs.6000/-
6. North 2nd Floor – Rs.10,000/-
7. North 3rd floor – Rs.1500/-
8. North 4th floor – Rs.1000/-
9. South Ground
(G & H Blocks) – Rs.8000/-
10. South Ground
(K Block) – Rs.6000/-
11. South Ground
(L, M & N) – Rs.5000/-
12. South 3rd Floor (Ac) – Rs.4000/-
13. South 4th Floor – Rs.2000/-
14. Corporate Box – Rs.5.00 lacs each

Tickets sale for VCA Members

For VCA Members and Affiliated Clubs the offline tickets sales will start from Saturday, the 21st Jan’17 till Monday, the 23rd Jan’17. The ticket sale will be from 9:00 am onwards till 5:00 pm.

The Members are requested to positively carry their bar coded ID Cards for easy procurement of tickets. Each member will be allowed 1 free ticket of the AC.Member Stand (Rs.4000/-) and will have an option of buying 4 tickets of any stand. A member will have an option of swapping his one free ticket for any other stand ticket of lower denomination than the member’s free ticket only. A member can procure tickets of maximum 5 members including his own on production of those members’ bar coded ID cards.

The ticket sale for members will be upto 23rd Jan’17 only and any unsold tickets will be sold online for general public. After that a member will not be entitled for his free ticket.

VCA Recreation Club Members will not be entitled to the free ticket as the Club now is a separate entity and not part of VCA.

Tickets sale for General Public

Online booking of the tickets for the General Public will commence from 24th January,2017 onwards through “Book My Show” (9:00 am onwards). Maximum 4 tickets can be booked per identity.

The stadium will be opened to the spectators at 3:00 pm. Those who wish to avoid the rush can come early and occupy their seats. The staff of “Book My Show” will be manning the turnstiles and stand bays. All the tickets are bar coded and only such tickets will enable its holder to access the stands. The public is advised to book their tickets only through the online process and not to buy the tickets from outsiders.

Complete security arrangements for the match are being co-ordinated with the city Police authorities. Spectators are requested to strictly follow the instructions printed on the reverse of the tickets.

Further VCA appeals to all the members of the public to adhere to the following guidelines.

1. To witness and enjoy the game and refrain from unruly behavior.

2. Avoid carrying objectionable items as mentioned on the tickets.

3. To occupy the seats as per the ticket number.

4. Not to pass any racist comments on players or spectators.

5. Items like selfie sticks, cameras, lighters, match boxes, cigarettes, helmets, food
packets and water bottles are not allowed inside the stadium (free water pouches
will be available). Spectators are liable to be frisked for security reasons.

6. No re-entry will be allowed once a spectator checks in the stand. So a
spectator cannot leave the stadium and re-enter.

7. Children of age 2 years and above will be required to purchase a ticket.

8. Adequate parking arrangements have been made free of cost near the stadium.

9. The general public/spectators are requested to share vehicles for easy flow of traffic.